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Proposal Submission Policy

Wisconsin Cross Country Coaches Association


The Wisconsin Cross Country Coaches Association (WCCCA) encourages its members to help make positive changes to cross country in Wisconsin.  To streamline this process for the WCCCA, members who wish to bring ideas forward for the association of the membership to consider, must do so in the following mannor:


Submit a formal written proposal to the WCCCA president through the form link at the bottom of this page.  The proposal should include the following: purpose and rationale, data and/or research to support the idea, and the benefits the proposal will bring to cross country.  Any other important information to help understand the proposal is also welcomed.  Please include the author’s name, school, and contact information.  Please attach any important documentation and research used to develop the proposal.


For proposals to be considered as part of the Annual Business meeting at the WCCCA Clinic in January, they must be submitted by December 10th prior to the clinic.  


All proposals will be shared with the Executive Committee for consideration.  The Executive Committee will determine: to move forward with the proposal as is by having it presented to the WCCCA membership for information and consideration, return the proposal to the author for additional information and/or clarification, reject the proposal for reasons determined and explained by the committee.  


This policy is in place to help the WCCCA be effective and efficient in its work.  The WCCCA wants to hear and present all well thought out ideas for the membership to consider for the betterment of Wisconsin cross country.

January 2020

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