Coaches who were/are not able to attend the 2022 WCCCA Clinic and want to become WCCCA Members can do so through the link below.  All WCCCA memberships applications and payments must be done online by clicking the "2022 Membership Application" button.  Do not send checks or cash payments to as they will not be accepted and will be returned. 

Membership Benefits

A.  Speaking and voting at all general or special meetings of the WCCCA.

B.  Receiving all communications sent out by the WCCCA.

C.  Being eligible for election or appointment to an office or position within the WCCCA.

D.  Being eligible for any award presented by the WCCCA.

Lifetime Memberships

The WCCCA is now offering LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to our retired coaches.  In order to qualify for a limetime membership the following are required:

A.   20+ years of coaching experience

B.  Retired from cross country coaching

C.  Lifetime memberships are provided at no cost.

D.  Lifetime members will be not be allowed to vote for district awards.

D.  Contact Bryon Graun to apply for your lifetime membership.