Clinic Committee

Dominic Newman--Clinic Chairman (Shorewood)

Doug Debroux (Oregon)

Curt Kaczor (Arrowhead)

Mackenzie Laska (Wauwatosa East)

Bryon Graun (Colby)

Dominic Newman--Clinic Chairman


Dominic Newman has been working with the Shorewood Cross Country and Track Program program since 1999.  He started out as an assistant to Tim Kenny for 5 years and then Coach Newman took over the program in 2004. Newman has served as past president of the WCCCA and Hall of Fame committee. Coach Newman has been teaching elementary physical education in Shorewood since 1999.

Newman graduated with a degree in Exercise Sport Science, from UW-LaCrosse where he ran Track and Cross Country for 4 years.  As a runner and coach, Newman has always favored cross country over track and field. Cross country has a much stronger team component it emphasizes a group effort as opposed to just an individual effort.  Part of his coaching philosophy is to encourage his runners to gain strength from their team affiliation.  Newman wants his athletes to embrace the concept of using their teammates, both physically and mentally, to make themselves better runners and competitors.

When not coaching or teaching Coach Newman enjoys spending time with his family, riding his fat tire bike and enjoying the slow pace at the families lake cabin.

Doug Debroux


In 1984, Doug was hired at Oregon High School to start up the AP Calculus (AB) course and to be the Head Boys & Girls Cross Country coach.  For the past 35 years, he continues to teach the calculus classes along with Algebra 2 at OHS and he coached the Oregon B/G XC Teams for 27 years.  After his daughter's sophomore year, Doug took on the Oregon Girls Cross Program "only" - and for the past 8 years has continued in that capacity.  His daughter (Brooke), since graduating from Luther College has served as the Program's assistant coach for the past 2 seasons while earning hours and experience at UW Hospital.  He luckily married a saint (his wife - Cheryl) who has been an unselfish supporter for the 35 years they have been married and counting!  His son, Parker, is a senior at UW-Platteville and as dad states proudly - is majoring in Elementary Education and has the wherewithal to also coach someday (baseball - but still affecting young peoples' lives!).  Doug has served the WCCCA association as Vice President (1997-98), as District #5 rep,  and has been on the Clinic staff for the past 10+ years.  Doug has also been an assistant Track coach (distance) at OHS for the past 35 years.  Coach Debroux was a consultant for Success is a Team Effort - Ch 2 (2000), served on the Panel of Experienced Coaches for the Cross Country Journal (2006-07), and was humbly inducted into the WCCCA Hall of Fame in 2009. 

Mackenzie Laska

Mackenzie became head coach for the boys cross country program at Tosa East in 2014.  Previously, he served as the boys assistant cross country coach from 2011-2013, as an assistant track coach from 2012-2014, and as boys head track coach beginning in 2015.  He teaches 4th and 5th grade orchestra in the Wauwatosa school district and enjoys guiding along their musical journey.  He enjoys running and racing when time allows, camping, and spending time at home with his fiance, Beth, and their Australian cattle dog, Blue.  He joined the WCCCA clinic staff in 2017.

Bryon Graun


Bryon is the head cross country coach at Colby/Abbotsford and assistant track coach at Colby.  He also teaches 8th grade math and Social Studies at Colby Middle School.  He is an avid runner, completing 1-2 marathons each year along with running a number of other half-marathons, 10k’s, and 5k’s.  Bryon loves to travel and be in the outdoors.  He spends much of his summer each year traveling with his biggest supporter, his wife Olivia, and their black lab Kona. During the winter you will find him exploring the different downhill ski resorts of the Midwest and Colorado.  Because of Bryon’s love of running, he is a big supporter of many college and professional runners.  He was a WCCCA rankings administrator from 2015-2017.  He is also the current WCCCA president, serving since 2019.