Feb 5

Clinic speakers

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I would recommend the possibility of bringing in a big-time speaker (ie professional runners like Jager, Lomong, Jorgensen) but also invite our high school runners to hear the presentation and ask questions. We could charge a small fee ($10) to our high school athletes that could help cover the cost. I know that some of these speakers are expensive but it might be worth exploring. We would need a different location for this keynote speaker but we could use one our local high schools and their auditorium.


This is not a huge issue or debate but wanted to start some conversation via the new forum and WCCCA website. Thanks Bryon for your work.


Any thoughts?



The WCCCA has a list of names for possible keynote speakers some would be very expensive but we can dream. We also have to work around their schedules. I'm not sure how this would work off site? Maybe Saturday at one of the Brookfield High Schools? Something to look into.

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