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  • Hi Everyone, I just came across this video the day after state and wanted to share it in case you hadn't seen it yet. https://youtu.be/WUcsY2T4LUo Here's the drone video that was released a few years back. Between the two, I'd say it's pretty helpful. https://youtu.be/MoE967TiDXY
  • A coach at the clinic mentioned that numbers in girls CC have been down a bit over the past four years. He seemed to think the move up to 5k was the reason. Is there anyone who wants to go back to 4k? If so, what are the other arguments for going back?
  • In connection with the new website, they would like to update/correct the longevity of the coaching list. As I looked over the list, I had this question: What is the purpose of keeping coaches on the list if they are retired or no longer coaching AND no longer maintain membership in the WCCCA? I'm just curious.

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